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Cosin Solar has mastered the design and integration of heliostat, receiver, salt tank, heat exchanger, solar island control system and autocleaning machine. Through collaborating with high-quality suppliers and adopting automatic assembly line, Cosin Solar is able to ensure the quality and productivity of core equipment.
  • Heliostat Assembly Workshop

  • Receiver Panel Assembly Workshop

Quality Assurance System
Cosin Solar has established quality assurance system, which guarantees the quality and performance of the equipment throughout the design, manufacture and installation by means of supplier certification, technical specification, manufacture supervision, standard tooling, automatic inspection system and tooling, acceptance specification and installation specification.
Equipment Reliability Optimization
  • High-altitude

  • Low-temperature

  • Gale & Sand

In view of the common characteristics of high-altitude, low-temperature, gale, and sand in regions with abundant solar energy, Cosin Solar customizes main equipment with environmental adaptability. Through continuous running test, temperature cycling test, accelerated weathering test, wind tunnel test, IP test, neutral salt spray test.
Cosin Solar is able to ensure anti-freezing, windproof, anti-UV, corrosion-proof properties of the equipment. Years of on-site application has proved that the equipment weatherability is well above average level of tower CSP industry.